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About Me

Skyler Louise Gin

I have always had a big heart for children and still do to this day. Before moving to San Ramon, California, I lived a large portion of my childhood in the heart of San Francisco, California, with my mother, father, and brother. Being in such a big city, I was able to explore much diversity and perspectives on life. What I learned growing up through being homeschooled and attending Chinese Day School, I have placed into my studies. From having conversations at Italian coffee shops about the history of San Francisco to riding bikes to the Golden Gate Bridge to paint perspectives of the bridge, I experienced a different way of learning other than just the California School System. After moving to San Ramon in my later childhood years, I grew a love and interest in the field of psychology. Much more, I enjoyed learning about the entanglement of child development, culture, and psychology. From working in childcare centers to science museums, I knew from the start that my calling was to pursue a career in this area of study.

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at Brown University. My research focuses on combining theories and methods from social psychology with those from developmental psychology to assist in understanding children and their parents’ formation of race/ethnic identity and how that may affect children’s learning in and out of school settings. I am also currently leading projects focusing on early childhood interventions that attempt to eliminate the STEM gap for women of color. With the desire to become a professor, I fully intend to continue on a path of research with the hopes of making academia inclusive and future research diverse.

Outside of academia, I have many passions. At the pandemic's start, I invested my time in retail, becoming one of Athleta's virtual stylists. Moreso, I became a Spin Instructor and have taught multiple classes that empowered many and created inclusive atmospheres. 

Please explore my website to learn more about who I am, what I have experienced, and my particular passions.

*Research Interests: Human Development, DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion), Curiosity, Learning, Early Education, STEM Education, Intersectionality

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